Real Estate Sign Leasing

Since 1974, Capitol Design has been helping realtors reach more customers with our Realty Sign Leasing program.

What began with signs for one local realtor, Edens & Avant, has grown into a service that has provided thousands of signs for more than 40 years.

Today, we continue to provide the same standards of excellence to numerous local and national realty companies who use our services to install and maintain their commercial realty signs.

Our rapid, one-time installation and removal services includes regular maintenance on our 4' x 8' signs that ensure your message looks sharp and attractive month after month.

Call us today to learn how your realty company can benefit from our professional leasing service.

Homeowner Association (HOA) Signs

Local HOA management companies call on Capitol Design for beautiful handcrafted signs for the entrance to their neighborhoods.

We manufacture stunning dimensional signs via sandblasting or routing that will mount to brick or stone structures, enhancing the surrounding landscape while attracting new residents to your neighborhood.

Capitol Design works alongside landscape contractors to provide signage throughout the development, including street signs with decorative posts and frames, directional signs, and custom metal mailbox systems.

Call us today for a quote or to request an on-site consultation.

LED Message Centers

LED Message Centers are the latest in dynamic signage opportunities to help you get noticed!

We sell the very highest quality systems that will provide expert installation, long term service, and manufacturer warranties that give you peace of mind.

We are distributors for:

Watchfire logo
Optec Logo
daktronics logo 3

Church Signs

Capitol Design knows churches and offers complete interior and exterior sign solutions that enhance your church property and provide attractive signage that make your visitors and members feel welcome.

Our expert designers can produce exterior signs with internal LED, routed aluminum faces, and LED message centers.

Our service to churches include both interior and exterior wayfinding signs with stunning graphics and easy to read directions.

Looking for interchangeable signs inside your church? Capitol Design offers a variety of systems that allow you complete flexibility as your messages change from season to season.

And when it comes to promoting events and ministry opportunities, our designers are ready make your message stand out to your congregation.

Talk to one of our church sign representatives today to discuss your needs.

Painted Sandblasted & Routed Signs

Add a third dimension to your sign by enhancing the look with our custom 3D effects through sandblasting and routing.

We have been perfecting this art for more than 40 years and we are the focused on providing the highest quality sandblasted and routed signs for your business. We offer signs in a variety of sizes and shapes, can offer painted or stained finish and can incorporate complex vinyl graphics or 3D into the finished artwork.