February 14, 2017

Great Signs are a Good Sign for Your Business

“A business with no sign is a sign of no business.” How often have you driven by a business and just shake your head because their sign is totally ineffective? Bad location. Too small. Too much information. Too old, rusted, or falling apart. It’s a shame, really. The business might sell great products or have outstanding customer service, but because of their sign, potential customers just drive on by. The pride an owner takes in great products or services should translate into great promotions—including great signage. If I invest my life into building a business, then I should make sure […]
January 27, 2017

What is Dynamic Digital Signage?

We’ve all seen them…and heard them. Video screens on the highways, in front of churches, at shopping malls, and even at the gas pump. In just about every shape and size, these signs can capture our attention like nothing else. The ads bounce and slide and sometimes even talk when you’re filling up your car or strolling down the grocery store isles. And you know what? These living signs make us slow down and take a second look, drawing us in with light and motion and full color. They’re called “Dynamic Digital Signs” and businesses are beginning to notice that these […]